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Apostolos Sideris

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On February 2nd of 2022 we are releasing our latest album, entitled 'Hane'. It is a rather eclectic work, showcasing Apostolos' affinity for Jazz as well as the sounds of North Africa and the Balkans. It features all members of Sideris’ group as well as other great guest musicians coming from several musical worlds, adding up to a unique sound, which is at times rather cinematic in its nature. ‘Hane’ will be available on all digital platforms and will have several singles released, starting from the publishing of ‘In Between the Lines’, which along with other tracks, you can listen through the Soundcloud link below. 

In 2019 just before the covid-19 pandemic we had released and presented in Paris our album 'Summation' with an official French Release concert on the 19th of November in Paris, at Sunside-Sunside.

This album already represented a new meeting point between Jazz and Mediterranean music, as it combined the modern pianistic style and groove of NYC with eastern melodies and instruments added to the mix, which is a representation of Apostolos Sideris' diverse musical world. 

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Produced between Turkey and Greece, Σummation is an album recorded by bassist and composer Apostolos Sideris and released by Freshsound Records in Barcelona. The basis of the instrumentation consists of Apostolos on the acoustic bass, Argentinian pianist Leo Genovese and fellow Greek drummer Dimitris Klonis.

 The album is a representation of Mr. Sideris musical world, with a number of artistic influences. His compositions are a mix of Modern Jazz with Greek and Middle Eastern sounds that he has combined in order to create a uniquely eclectic aesthetic and style. In the recording, there are also some special guests, specifically Andrea Romani on the ney flute, Giannis Poulios on the violin, as well as Yiannis Moutsakis and Christos Sagient on various percussion.

 Σummation signifies the synthesis of the various musical sides of the composer, created through his numerous collaborations with leading Jazz artists as well as renowned musicians from Greece, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Apostolos' interest in various folk idioms can be heard throughout this album although often hidden behind the traditional jazz sound of the piano trio and the personal filter of the artist, helping him create the summation of all these elements in order to express his own musical statement.

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